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Connecting to the BCIT_Secure Wireless Network with iOS

These are instructions for setting up your iOS device (iPod, iPad and iPhone) to connect to the BCIT_Secure wireless network.

Note: The screenshots are taken from iOS 11 and menu locations may differ from previous and future versions of iOS.

These instructions are provided as is; IT Services is not able to support troubleshooting of personal devices.

Configuring your device’s settings

1.  Select the settings icon on your iPad, iPod or iPhone.

iPad, iPod and iPhone settings icon.

2.  Select the Wi-Fi menu option.
3.  Select BCIT_Secure from the list of wireless networks.

Web snippet list of wifi wireless networks on ipad, ipod or iphone.

4.  Enter your usual BCIT credentials (Your myBCIT email address and password), then click Join.

5.  Select Trust on the certificate window.

Web snippet of certificate window for ipad, ipod and iphone.

6.  Your device will now be configured to automatically connect to the BCIT_Secure wireless network while at BCIT.

Web snippet of wifi configured settings for ipad, ipod and iphone.