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Contributing to the Knowledge Base

If you have information on how to use a BCIT technology or navigate any BCIT system (whether technological or social) that would be useful for faculty, staff, or students, we want to help you make it accessible through the Knowledge Base (KB). Follow the instructions below to write and submit your new articles. All submissions will be edited lightly and, where possible tested, in order to ensure accuracy, completeness, and consistency in tone and language use. If writing isn’t your forte, but knowledge is, we can also provide a more robust level of editing/writing support.

Planning and writing your Knowledge Base contribution

Submitting your contribution

Once you’ve written (or mostly written) your article/resource, you’re ready to submit it for the Knowledge Base team to publish for you.

If you have been given access to the Knowledge Base Section in WordPress, you may create the article page in WordPress yourself. If not, you can create your article in the form of a Word or text file with all accompanying screenshot image files.

In either case, you can submit your article using our new article submission form.