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Using Clickers for teaching in the classroom

What can Clickers do for me?

Clickers enable faculty to:

  • create a comfortable environment in which all students can participate (even shy students)
  • increase student interaction, especially in large lecture halls
  • determine if students are understanding the material
  • accurately track student attendance and participation.

Clickers enable students to:

  • feel comfortable answering questions in large classes because their responses are anonymous
  • collaborate to form a response (usually)
  • compare their level of understanding with that of their peers
  • explore concepts in a fun and interactive way.

How do I get started?

Rather than using clicker devices, instructors at BCIT can now using the student’s smart devices, phones, tablets and laptops as the clicker device. To get started, email and explain that you’re interested in using Clickers in the classroom.

Clickers at BCIT

Want to know how clickers are being used at BCIT? See how other faculty have been using clickers and read our best practices guide.

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