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Document Cameras Resources

Document cameras are contemporary versions of the old-fashioned overhead projector. Use a document camera when you need to project a printed document, object or digital file onto a wall or projection screen. You can even capture images and annotations to your computer using a document camera.

What can document cameras do for me?

Document cameras enable faculty to: Document cameras enable students to:
  • work with transparencies
  • project digital files, objects, and printed matter onto a wall or projection screen
  • capture still and moving images and annotations to a computer.
  • collectively view digital files, printed matter and objects
  • reflect on and discuss the projected image
  • review images and annotations recorded during a document camera presentation.

How do I get started?

Contact AV Services at 604-412-7444 (option 3) about using the document camera in your class. They can help you decide if this tool is right for you and help plan your course using document cameras.

Read the best practices associated with using document cameras.