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Sending Files & Folders with ShareFile

ShareFile offers two methods of sending files and/or folders. You can use the “Email with ShareFile” option or the “Get a Link” option. These methods offer several benefits over the traditional way of emailing attachments.

These benefits include security options such as control over how long a link to the emailed file(s) remains active, how many times the recipient(s) can access the link, and the ability to send larger files. They also include notification options such as sending a copy of the email to the sender and emailing the sender when the file(s) are accessed. However, it is important to note that sharing files and folders this way does not enforce any type of access control. Anyone who acquires the link will be able to use it to access those files or folders. To share files with access control consider adding users to a ShareFile folder.

This article explains how to use either method to mail links to files and/or folders using ShareFile. The recipient can then download a copy of the files/folders to their own computer. If more than one item has been sent, the recipient can download each file individually or all at once in a .zip file, which can be extracted to your computer.