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Adding Users to a ShareFile Folder

With ShareFile, you have the ability to easily share folders with other users, allowing them to download files from, or upload files to, the shared folder. Users are added through the ShareFile website.

Follow this process to share a folder using the default settings.

  1. Login to via the BCIT Students, Faculty & Staff tab, using your usual BCIT login credentials.Sharefile sign-in window.
  2. Click on Folders and open the folder you wish to share.Personal folders window.
  3. Right click on the desired folder and select Add People to Folder.Personal folders directory.
  4. Click the Browse button.Add people to folder field.
  5. Confirm that the Shared Address book is selected from the drop-down menu. Note that there may be a slight time delay of a few seconds before the Shared Address book is displayed.Share address book field.
  6. Use the search function to find and select people in the Shared Address Book. Once you have selected the users that you wish to share the folder with, click the Add button.Address book add window.
  7. When the Add People to Folder screen appears, click the Add button below the list of people you are adding.Add people to folder window.
  8. To view who has access and privileges to your shared folders, click on the desired folder. From the two options underneath the title, select People on This Folder.Share test window.
    • Note: Only those people you have added should now have access to the folders you have shared with them. The people you have added can now find your shared folders under their Shared Folders in ShareFile.


This article describes the process using the default settings. You can also customize the access you give to each person you add. These settings should meet your needs in most cases.