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Making a Conference Call

Place and Establish Conference Calls Using a Desktop Phone Set or Jabber

To create a three-party conference call using the phone set

  1. During a call, press the more soft key and then the Confrn soft key to open a new line and put the first party on hold.
  2. Place a call to another number.
  3. When the call connects, press Confrn again to add the new party to the call.
  4. To establish a conference call between two- and three-party calls (one active and the other on hold):
  5. Press the Confrn soft key on the Cisco Unified IP phone.
  6. Press the Line button of the call you want to add to the conference.

Place and establish a conference call using Jabber

  1. Dial the first number.
  2. To conference or add another caller Click the 3 dots.Screen shot of setting up a conference call
  3. Choose Conference.Screen shot of setting up a conference call
  4. Click on the phone icon to dial the number.
  5. When Participant 3 answers a Door icon will appear.Screen shot of setting up a conference call
  6. Click on the Door icon add Participant 3 to the Conference.