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Changing Your Voicemail Greeting

You can set either a standard or alternate greeting in your BCIT voicemail.

First, login to the voicemail system:

  1. Dial 604-451-6777 (outside BCIT) or 6777 if you are at BCIT.
  2. When you hear the operator’s greeting, interrupt it by pressing *
  3. You will be prompted for your ID. Enter your local (the last four digits of your office phone number) followed by #.
  4. You will be prompted to enter your PIN (voicemail password) followed by #.

After you have logged in in to voicemail:

  1. Press 4 for Setup Options.
  2. Press 1 for Greetings.
  3. It will play your current greeting, which is usually your standard greeting. Listen to it until the end or Press # to skip to the end.
  4. You will then get prompted with a menu of options:
    1. “Press 1 – Rerecord the Greeting” – Follow the prompts to record and save.
    2. “Press 2 To turn on Alternate Greeting”  – Follow prompts to record.
      1. Note: Alternate Greeting is used if you are leaving for PD or holiday and you do not want to change your normal greeting.
      2. To set an end date for an alternate greeting, press 1 or press 9 to go directly to entering date and time. To use the Alternate Greeting indefinitely, press #.
      3. To de-activate an Alternate Greeting, press 2.

Note: You will prompted to Press 3, for other greetings types, this is highly discouraged and should not be done.