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Purging Your Voicemail

The following instructions detail how to purge all items in your Voicemail inbox.

Using the phone

  1. Login into voicemail
  2. Press 3 2
    • To review deleted messages

3. It will then prompt you to Review deleted messages or to Erase

  • Press 1 to Review
  • Press 2 to Purge deleted voicemail without review

4. Follow prompts

5. Deleted voicemail can be retrieved back through the phone set or from Outlook if it is NOT purged

Using Jabber

  1. Click the Voicemail Icon on the left hand side of the Jabber pane.
    Jabber screen showing the blue selected Voicemail icon which resembles a stylized picture of a cassette tape
  2. Click on the Inbox drop-down and choose Deleted.
    jabber voicemail screen showing the inbox dropdown
  3. Delete each voicemail.