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Cisco Jabber for iPhone & iPad 11.9 User Guide

Cisco Jabber for iPhone and iPad 11.9 [PDF]

Set up Cisco Jabber

Navigate to the Apple App Store and install the Cisco Jabber application.

Make sure that you have your sign-in method and account information from your system administrator.

  1. Stop other Voice-over-IP (VoIP) applications.
  2. Connect to your corporate network.
  3. Open Cisco Jabber and follow the prompts to advance through the screens
  4. When you are prompted to enter your username and domain, enter it in the following format:
  5. On the final screen, tap Sign In.

You may be prompted to validate your server certificates. if you are unsure about this, contact your system administrator to verify that you should accept the certificate.

After setup, learn more by viewing the Knowledge Base from the Cisco Jabber Settings menu.

What you can do on the settings window

  1. View and edit your availability status.
  2. Find your meeting requests.
  3. View or access your custom tabs.
  4. Edit your settings.
  5. View your account information.
  6. Sign out of your account.

What you can do on the hub window

  1. Search for contacts or make a call.
  2. Start group chat or WebEx meeting with a group
  3. Access your contacts.
  4. View conversations and start chat.
  5. View recent calls and make calls.
  6. Listen to voice messages.

Set up Cisco Jabber on Apple Watch

  • If Cisco Jabber is already installed on your iPhone, opt to install all the apps on your iPhone to Apple Watch during sync up.
  • If Cisco Jabber is not installed on your iPhone, download and install Cisco Jabber for iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store.  Then, sync up the app on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Before using Cisco Jabber app on your Apple Watch iOS 10, make sure of the following:

  • Your devices meet the software requirements:
    • iOS10 or later for iPhone
    • watchOS 3 and later for Apple Watch
  • Your iPhone and Apple Watch are paired and synced.
  • You have reviewed the Cisco Jabber settings on your iPhone. The same settings apply to the app on your Apple Watch.
  • The Show App on Apple Watch options is turned ON in the Watch app settings on your iPhone.

What you can do with Cisco Jabber on Apple Watch

  1. View and change availability status.
  2. View received messages and respond to them using canned messages, emoticons, or Siri.
  3. View missed calls and call contacts in the Recents list.