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Transferring Your ShareFile Files to Another Owner

As a member of the BCIT community (current faculty, staff, or student), you have your own file storage in ShareFile. Although it’s simple enough to provide others with access to your files, you remain the owner of those files and ShareFile does not provide a built-in method to transfer ownership. The best approach is to make the files available to the new owner by sharing them, have them copy the files to their own ShareFile folders and then remove the files from your account.

To transfer the files in an identified folder in your ShareFile to someone else, first follow the instructions to add the new owner to your ShareFile folder(s). Then, the new owner should:

  1. Login to in a web browser.
  2. Create matching top-level folders within their personal folders.
    • For example: if you are transferring a folder called Curriculum 2021 and it contains dozens of files and sub-folders, the new owner should create their own folder called Curriculum 2021 in their Personal Folders at this point. This can be completed on their own computer or in a web browser.
      ShareFile dashboard showing the Create Folder menu item
  3. Navigate to Folders > Shared Folders and open the folder you shared.
  4. Using the checkbox at the top of the list,  select all the files and subfolders.
  5. Click on Copy.
  6. Choose the folder they created in their own Personal Folders as the destination and confirm their choices.
    ShareFile dashboard showing the contents of a shared folder with red arrows pointing ot the Copy button and the check all checkbox

Optional: You can delete and un-share the folders in your own Personal Folders to prevent confusion and multiple copies. The new owner can share the files with you by adding you to their folders if you need to continue to collaborate on them.