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ShareFile Eligibility

ShareFile is a service provided by BCIT to current employees and students. Your eligibility is based on different criteria depending on what type of employee or student you are.

ShareFile eligibility for employees

Eligible employees are identified as people who are within 7 days of their employment start date and are a regular, temporary, auxiliary, part time studies or student employees.

  • Regular, temporary or student employees stop being eligible for ShareFile 1 day after their last job end date.
  • Auxiliary employees stop being eligible for ShareFile 10 months after their last appointment.

Employee ShareFile accounts are automatically created as soon as you are eligible and automatically disabled as soon as you are no longer eligible.

ShareFile eligibility for students

Eligible students are identified as students who are not also employees and are registered in a course within 28 calendar days of the course start date. Before a ShareFile account is created students must also provide consent to share their first name, last name, and BCIT email address with Citrix Systems Inc.

Students are no longer eligible for ShareFile 28 calendar days after the end of their last course.

Student ShareFile accounts are created once an eligible student provides consent. ShareFile accounts are disabled as soon as a student withdraws consent or is no longer eligible.