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ShareFile Benefits

ShareFile is BCIT’s modern file-sharing and storage service that replaced the traditional Home (H:) drives for all employees and students. ShareFile leverages contemporary technologies, embraces mobile access and provides an unprecedented level of flexibility. It is a significant upgrade that is both secure and compliant with BC Privacy legislation. Here are some highlights of what you are able to do through ShareFile:

Access your files from any device, anytime, anywhere

Work at BCIT is not confined to physical walls and neither is your need to access work files. Whether it’s on your classroom laptop or on a smartphone in the field, ShareFile will enable you to access your personal file folder—or folders shared with you—without limitations. You can even transfer multiple files & folders at once.

Easily share files with anyone you choose, even if they are outside of the BCIT community

ShareFile gives you complete control over who has access to your files. Using your personal ShareFile website, you may choose to share specific files or entire folders with specific BCIT employees and students while maintaining full control over what others are able to do with your shared files. And for the first time ever, you will also be able to apply these file sharing features to collaborate with industry, vendors, and anyone else outside of BCIT.

Share files typically too large to send via email

The large size of certain files makes sharing through email almost impossible. ShareFile will enable you to overcome this common barrier and distribute files such as large Powerpoint slides, videos, and photo collections. ShareFile will even resume file transfers in case uploads or downloads are interrupted.

Benefit from both offline & online access

Benefit from your ability to work with files even when you are not connected to the Internet. Copies of your files remain on your own laptop at all times, accessible to you when you’re in the field, on a plane, or anywhere else without wireless access. When you reconnect to a network, enjoy the security of having your files automatically backed up to BCIT servers. Once backed up, you can even access and manage your files through BCIT’s ShareFile website.