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About Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze is installed in many computer labs at BCIT. This software restores the original workstation configuration each time the workstation is rebooted by removing all changes done to the workstation during the use of the computer.

Any files left on the C drive will disappear whenever the computer is restarted. We have set the default save location to drive D which can be used as a work location. Students and Instructors also have the option of using OneDrive to store their work which will then be available from all BCIT computers or any web browser.

Note: At any point a computer lab machine may need new installations or technical repair. As a result, any work saved on the D: drive will be lost. Always back up any files to OneDrive or your preferred personal storage method.

To put the workstation back to the original configuration just reboot the computer. All changes will be removed including:

  • software installs
  • software uninstalls
  • control panel changes
  • file deletions
  • file additions
  • registry modifications

This application ensures that when a class starts, the most you or your students will have to do to get a computer running (barring a hardware failure) is hit the reset button on the front. Any additions, deletions or corruption of the workstation will be resolved in the time it takes the computer to boot.

The computers are scheduled to reboot nightly to perform updates and to ensure a stable lab computing environment.