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About NetSupport School (NSS)

NetSupport School (NSS) is a software tool which allows you to manage student computer activities. It is installed in all General Access labs at the Burnaby campus.

This software provides you with the ability to control all the computers in the lab. With it you can:

  • Limit access to the Internet
    • completely block all access or limit access to certain sites
  • Limit access to certain applications
    • allow students to use only the software you are teaching
  • Prevent student access to the computers
    • lock out the keyboard and mouse, and blank the screen while lecturing
  • Monitor student workstations during tests and exams
    • view individual workstations or scan through all workstations
  • Distribute and collect files from all computers in the lab
  • Do much more…

For instructions on how to use NetSupport School’s basic functions, please visit our Knowledge Base article:¬†NetSupport School Tutor Console: Basic Features Guide.

A full list of features can be found at the product website.

To use NetSupport School:

  • contact IT Services to get the instructor password
  • launch NetSupport School Tutor from the Start Menu in the computer lab