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About the IT Partnership Team

What is it?

A team of experienced IT Services resources, with one assigned to each School, who can serve as a point of contact to help to improve planning, guide clients to sustainable solutions, and provide a centralized point for communication between IT and each School.

The purpose of the IT Services Partnership Team is to move conversations with Schools from the basic task level up to the strategic level, and increase the engagement, oversight, and responsibility for making the best decisions for the School and for BCIT. Discussing current events, fixes, and challenges as a team with an eye toward continuous improvement should allow IT Services to improve and standardize solutions for all of BCIT while identifying key areas for improvement.

Using your partnership team connection

When to use it

Reach out to the identified partner for your School or area (see the table below) when:

  • Seeking guidance from IT Services
  • Including IT Services as part of project or change conversations
  • Reporting abnormal break/fix in academic spaces
  • Reporting patterns of failures
  • Escalating your ticket
  • Planning something new or different

When not to use it

Contact the ITS Service Desk rather than your IT Partner when:

  • Reporting or requesting regular day-to-day items (this includes software requests, questions for the service desk, reporting a problem with a knowledge base article, etc.)

Partnership contacts

School/Area Contact Email Phone
Business + Media Mike MacPhee 604-431-4980
Computing & Academic Studies Mike MacPhee 604-431-4980
Construction & the Environment Kent Johnson 604-456-8099
Energy Rick Morency 604-432-8654
Health Sciences Ryan Pilotte 604-432-8617
Transportation Kam Gill 604-432-8938
Manager, Client Experience Team Ed Grof 604-412-7483