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Purchasing an Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription as a Flexible Learning Student

Students who are currently registered in one or more flexible learning courses can purchase a subscription for Adobe Creative Cloud Pro at a discount through BCIT’s new software portal.

How flexible learning student subscriptions work

BCIT students can create a lab use account at no cost. In order for a student to use Adobe software on a personal device, they require a subscription.

Students enrolled in one or more flexible learning courses will be able to purchase a subscription for $50 for any term in which they are registered. This provides access to software required for a course similar to a tool or textbook.

Standard term-based subscriptions

Typical term-start dates begin in the first week of each standard BCIT term and run for 12 weeks. The majority of BCIT courses follow this course length and typical term pattern, but some do not. Course start date may affect the length of your subscription, which always ends at the end of the term dates listed, but the subscriptions always follow BCIT’s standard term date ranges:

  • Winter Term: January 1- March 31
  • Spring/Summer Term:  April 1 – August 31
  • Fall Term:  September 1 – December 31

* Subscription costs are not prorated based on the length of the subscription, and subscription length is variable based on term length and course start date.

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