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Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

BCIT is in the process of deploying Microsoft Teams to replace multiple other services and become the core element of our unified communication strategy for BCIT faculty and staff. When deployed for all employees, Teams will replace Zoom as the BCIT’s primary videoconferencing tool and Jabber as our internal chat communication tool. Teams will also integrate and significantly augment the functionality available in Outlook, OneDrive, and Office 365, with further integrations planned after the initial deployment.

Once licensing has been deployed to your workgroup, Microsoft Teams will be automatically installed on your BCIT-issued device/s and you can begin using it in your day-to-day work.

The resources below are intended to help you get started with using Teams. Additionally, you may wish to review information about using Microsoft Teams for Meetings (particularly the instructions for converting Zoom meetings to Teams meetings) and using Microsoft Teams for workgroup collaboration and communication.