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Maintaining Your Computer

Why you should reboot your computer every day

IT Services checks your computer every day for high-priority updates that have been tested and approved for the BCIT environment. These updates protect your computer from the latest viruses and other security threats. Before this was implemented, BCIT was seriously affected during major virus outbreaks. These viruses could have been prevented if all updates had been installed on all computers.

What does this have to do with rebooting?

For some Windows updates to take effect on your computer, you must reboot. By rebooting every day, you ensure that all recent updates are applied properly.

Other benefits of rebooting daily

  • Rebooting frees up resources such as memory and deletes temporary files used by various software. These “temp” files and consumption of other resources can cause your computer to slow down and in extreme cases even come to a complete halt. You will often find that simply rebooting your computer can cause it to run faster and with less problems.
  • During rebooting, Windows performs various diagnostics and system checks in the background. Sometimes if you feel that your computer is simply “acting strange”, a reboot may solve the problem. In fact, rebooting can pre-emptively fix some problems before they occur.

So remember – to keep your BCIT computer secure from security threats and running smoothly, please reboot every day.