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Using Adobe Software in Labs with a BCIT Student Adobe Federated ID

Adobe software is installed in the SE14 Library ehPod lab for student use. To sign in, you need first to have created a BCIT Student Adobe Federated ID.

Signing in

Having first logged in to the BCIT lab computer:

  1. From the Start Menu, launch an Adobe application.
  2. You will be prompted to Sign In before you are able to use the application.
    Adobe sign in window.
  3. Enter “” into the username field.
  4. Click on, or [Tab] to the password field. You will be redirected to BCIT to authenticate before you can enter any password into this field. This is normal; BCIT is redirecting you to authenticate at BCIT.
  5. Login using your BCIT ID (A0…) and password.

You can now use available Adobe software.