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Setting Screen Recording Permission for NetSupport School on Mac

Due to macOS security restrictions, the screen recording permission must be set when a student logs onto the Mac for the first time. If the user is deleted or they move to a different machine they will need to re-approve this restriction.

Setting the permission

Upon logging into the machine:

  1. A Screen Recording dialogue box will appear. Click the Open System Preferences button.
    Screen Recording pop-up, with the Open System Preferences button marked by a red rectangle

    • Note: If you accidentally click Deny, or if this prompt doesn’t show:
        1. Open your System Preferences.
        2. Click on Security & Privacy.
          System preferences app with the Security and Privacy logo - a small drawing of a house with an oversized combination lock dial - marked by a red square
        3. Click the lock icon at the bottom left.
          Security & Privacy settings page with the Click the lock to make changes message at the bottom left marked by a red rectangle
        4. Enter your computer login and password in order to make changes to the settings.
          Pop-up message that says System Preferences is trying to unlcok Securiyt & Privacy preferences
        5. Click on the Privacy tab.
        6. Click on the Screen Recording item in the list
  2. Click the checkbox next to Client to approve it.
    Security & Privacy settings tab, with the Client checkbox marked by a red rectangle.
  3. When prompted to do so, click the Quit & Reopen button.
    Popup that says client will not be able to record the contents of your screen until it is quit with the blue quit & reopen button marked by a red rectangle.