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Resetting your BCIT password

Important information

When your password has been reset, create a security question so that if you forget your password again, you can securely reset your password yourself. To set or change your password security question, you first need to be able to log in to myBCIT. Refer to Setting your security question for detailed instructions.

You can reset your own password if you’ve set up a security question or provided an additional email address on your myBCIT profile.

If you have not set up a security question or provided an additional email address, you will have to contact the IT Service Desk to have your password reset.

Reset your password

1.  Go to the myBCIT home page.
2.  In your Sign in page, click on password.Screenshot of password link in SSO

3.  Fill in your BCIT ID (1), click to confirm you’re not a robot (2), and click Submit (3).

    • Your BCIT ID is a nine-character identifier (it begins with a capital ‘A’, and looks like this:  A0#######).Screenshot of Forget Password

4.  The Security Question/Email Option page opens.

    • Option 1 – Security Question: Enter the answer to your security question and click Submit Answer.
    • Option 2 – Email Option: Confirm that the email pattern matches your additional email address and click on Send Email.

5.  You will be emailed a link to the Change Password page.  This link expires after 3 hours.

Select one of the following options to have your password reset window.

6.  Type a new password in the New Password field.  Your new password:

    • must be between 8 and 20 characters
    • must contain at least:
      • one upper case letter (A to Z)
      • one lower case letter (a to z)
      • one number (0 to 9)
    • may contain the following special characters:  $ ! # _ + = : . ~ ^ ( ) { } [ or ]
    • cannot be your date of birth
    • cannot be a previously used password
New password window.
    • For the best security, make your password longer than 15 characters and something you can remember. Ensure your password does not contain personal information such as an address, birthdate, or the name of a pet.  Learn more about choosing good passwords.

7.  Type your new password again in the Re-enter new Password field, to verify it.
8.  Click Reset password.

    • Note:  You will see a red error message if your new password does not match, or does not meet the security requirements.  Re-enter your new password and try again.

Contact the IT Service Desk to reset your password

If you have not set your password security question or a non-BCIT email address, contact the Help Desk and ask them to reset your password to your default password.

To contact the Help Desk:

  • Phone 604-412-7444, option 1 or
  • Send an e-mail to with your name, BCIT ID and birthdate (DD/MM) or
  • At the Burnaby Campus, visit the IT Service desk at SE12–205 (see Hours of Operation)

Your default password is either:

  • your date of birth — year, month, and day — in the six-digit format YYMMDD or
  • the last six digits of your BCIT ID