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Recovering Deleted Files in ShareFile

There are multiple ways to recover deleted files in ShareFile.

Your personal Recycle/Trash Bin

If your computer has the Windows or Macintosh Sync client installed, any files you delete will be moved to your local Recycle or Trash Bin the same way any other file is.

The ShareFile Recycle Bin

If you deleted a file – from the ShareFile web app, the drive mapper (Citrix Files) client, from a mobile app, or in a folder that someone has shared with you – you can recover the file from the ShareFile Recycle Bin. Please see the instructions on using the ShareFile Recycle Bin for more information.

File versions

ShareFile supports file versioning. If you make a change to a file but want to recover an earlier version, you can use the Web App to restore an older version. Please see the instructions for using file versioning for more information.

Administrator recovery

If none of the above methods allow you to recover your file, there are certain circumstances when a system administrator will be able to recover the file. Contact the BCIT Service Desk to request a file recovery. Depending on when and how the file was deleted it may not be possible to recover it.