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Providing Consent to Download Microsoft Office 365

Providing consent

1.  Visit
2.  Click Manage Software.

IT Services software access manage software button.

3.  Login using your BCIT ID and password.

Central log in with bcit id and password window.

4.  Click Provide Consent.

IT services manage software provide consent button.

5.  Read the Privacy Notice carefully and provide consent if you agree.
6.  Choose “Yes”, and click SUBMIT.

Office 365 consent privacy notice submit button.

7.  It may take up to 24 hours before Microsoft makes the software available to you. You need to wait until you receive an email in your myBCIT email.

Office 365 step 2 consent to release your data window.

8.  Once you receive an email from, you will be able to login and download Office 365.

IT services email to log in and download office 365.