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Mapping ShareIn and ShareOut using Windows 8

Setup remote access to ShareIn and ShareOut

1.  Login to Windows 8 on your computer.
2.  Click on Desktop.

Windows 8 desktop.


3.  Click on File Explorer at the bottom.

File explorer folder icon.

4.  Right click on Computer.

File directory showing computer folder.

5.  Select Map Network Drive.

Expand folder to select map network drive.

6.  Using the down arrow at the end of the Drive:line, select an unused drive letter. In the Folder field, type: Confirm that the” Reconnect at logon” and “Connect using different credentials” is checked.

Map network drive window.

7.  Click Finish.
8.  If prompted, enter your usual BCIT credentials to login and click OK.

Windows security login window.

You should now see the In and Out folders on your computer.

Computer folder with apps, in, out, source and teamfiles subfolders.