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Adobe Student Licensing Updates

April, 2021: New self-service portal for part-time studies students

BCIT has created a new self-serve software portal for students to access Adobe Creative Cloud software. Through this portal, the BCIT community will be able to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud Pro on the following arrangement:

February, 2021: Adobe Licensing Cleanup for inactive students

There was significant change and uncertainty with Adobe Creative Cloud licensing in 2020 as the educational sector dealt with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the move to online delivery.

A number of temporary licensing models were in place throughout March-December of 2020 and BCIT needs to reconcile any outstanding temporary or interim licensing that was issued.

On March 1, BCIT will be removing Adobe access from any students who are not actively enrolled in courses. Affected students will be contacted directly. This access removal will not affect students who are currently actively enrolled in courses or instructors who are currently teaching courses that require Adobe subscriptions.

So for example:

  • A student who was provided an Adobe subscription for a course in July, 2020 still has subscription access, but is not currently enrolled in any courses. Their access will be removed March 1, 2021.
  • An instructor who was issued an Adobe subscription to teach a course in fall of 2020 still has subscription access, but the course they were teaching is no longer active. Their access will be removed on March 1, 2021.

Students and instructors who were issued Adobe subscriptions since March 2020 and who are still in active courses will retain subscription access with no changes.

Adobe asset migration

Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions, including those provided since March 2020 come with 100GB of storage in Adobe Cloud. Software access ends when a subscription ends, and so does storage. When a subscription ends, any work that has been saved in Adobe Cloud is only stored for 90 days past the subscription end date before it is deleted permanently.

Students and instructors whose access is being removed on March 1, 2021 and who have any work saved in Adobe Cloud must perform asset migration or lose that work permanently. To prevent the loss of any data or portfolio content stored in Adobe Cloud, follow these instructions to migrate your data to a personal account. BCIT will not assist with asset migration.