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Adobe Creative Cloud – Shared Device Licensing Resources

Adobe has replaced their previous license offerings with a program known as Shared Device Licensing. In the past, BCIT was able to use generic volume license keys that allowed simple access to Adobe Creative Cloud applications in BCIT labs.

BCIT updated our student labs to the new licensing and implemented the Shared Device Licensing program on September 1, 2019.

Under this new licensing program, there are several new required steps:

  • All users (students/staff) require an account to be created before any Adobe Creative Cloud applications can be used.
  • Creation of the account requires consent to transmit personally identifiable information (First Name, Last Name, Email, Country Code)
  • BCIT must create accounts for all consenting users with Adobe.
  • All users must use the account credentials to sign in whenever launching an application in the BCIT labs.


Students can provide consent at BCIT’s digital consent webpage.

Refusal to provide consent will result in the inability to use Adobe Creative Cloud software in the BCIT labs.

It should take up to 45 minutes from consent using our automated process. If it takes longer than 2 hours, contact the IT Service Desk at 604-412-7444 option 1 and we will investigate if account creation was successful.

Process for obtaining access

  1. Students can provide consent at BCIT’s digital consent webpage. Provide consent.
  2. You must wait 45 minutes until you proceed to step 3. There is no confirmation that step 3 is successful.
  3. Launch software from the BCIT labs.
  4. Use the credentials provided as username/password when prompted by the application.
  5. Use the application.