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Accessing a “BCIT Computer Labs Only” Subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud as a Part-time Student

There are two ways to access Adobe Creative Cloud products at BCIT:

  1. Access your free full-time BCIT student subscription or purchase your discounted part-time BCIT student subscription to use Adobe Creative Cloud Pro products in either BCIT computer labs or on personal devices.
  2. Access a free “BCIT Computer Lab Access Only” subscription and use Adobe Creative Cloud products only in BCIT computer labs.

    • This subscription is free to any current BCIT student but can only be used in BCIT computer labs and provides access to fewer products than the other two subscription types.

Creating an account and accessing a free “Lab Access Only” Adobe Creative Cloud subscription

In order to access the free subscription you need to log in to BCIT’s web software portal. Logging in successfully will automatically create an account for you in the portal.

In your browser:

  1. Go to the BCIT software portal at
  2. Click the Sign In link at the top right.
    BCIT software portal with the Sign in link visible in the blue header bar, circled in red
  3. You will be redirected to the BCIT login page. Sign in with your usual BCIT credentials.
    • Note: Signing in with BCIT credentials will create an account on the website for you, validate your eligibility as a student and make the appropriate Adobe offerings available to you in the store.
  4. Confirm that you have successfully logged in by noting that your name is now displayed at the top right of the screen.Portal screen with
  5. Click on the Start Shopping button.
  6. Click on the Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription tile.
    Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription tile, a multi-coloured abstract image with a red bar across the bottom
  7. Click on the Add to Cart button next to the subscription option entitled “Adobe Creative Cloud – BCIT Computer Lab Access Only“and complete the transaction to “buy” the free item.Available subscriptions for a part-time student, with the lab access only subscription marked in green

The free subscription is now attached to your BCIT account and you can now use your usual BCIT login credentials (your myBCIT email address and password) to login to and use Adobe applications in BCIT computer labs.