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Using Zoom

Important: Teams replacing Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing tool which will be available for all BCIT employees until April 20, 2024 and available to faculty only until May 31, 2024 (to permit instructors using Zoom for instruction to complete their courses for the current term). BCIT is launching Microsoft Teams as a replacement for Zoom meetings (in addition to its workgroup communication and collaboration functionality) first in a limited pilot starting in February 2024 and then to all BCIT employees on March 25, 2024. Learn more about getting started with Microsoft Teams.

Note: Zoom cloud recordings will only be available for download until the dates listed above. If you wish to retain them, you’ll need to download them to your computer.

Until Zoom licensing ends, Zoom can be used for scheduled single and recurring meetings for groups of up to 300 people. It can also be used for impromptu meetings of any length between colleagues, including those “just a quick question” conversations that you might ordinarily walk down the hall for.

Please note: At the same time as BCIT is transitioning from Zoom to Microsoft Teams for meetings, the Learning Hub is transitioning from using Bongo as its integrated tool for virtual classroom teaching to using Class for Teams. Class for Teams uses Teams for its videoconferencing capabilities while adding a large variety of useful classroom management capabilities.