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Using Zoom

BCIT introduced Zoom as a video conferencing tool for faculty and staff. It’s currently BCIT’s recommended tool for scheduled single and recurring meetings for groups of up to 300 people. It can also be used for impromptu meetings of any length between colleagues, including those “just a quick question” conversations that you might ordinarily walk down the hall for.

Please note: BCIT has a virtual classroom tool (Bongo) built into the Learning Hub that is recommended for online classroom instruction.

Zoom cloud recording

Due to changes in Zoom’s data centre location and BC’s privacy legislation, we are finally able to turn on cloud recording as an ability for all users on November 23, 2022. For Faculty, this option will replace local recording. For all other employees this is new functionality. Check the Zoom FAQ article for contextual information, see the instructions for using the new functionality below, and read about security and privacy implications and settings for the new functionality.