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Submitting Late Software Requests

Deadlines and cutoffs

Install and configuration requests for the labs need to be submitted in time to give time for IT Services to plan and perform the work. For best results, observe the posted submission deadlines.

Normal lab update cycle

For software that was requested before the deadline, IT Services will ensure the software is installed and ready for testing two weeks before the first day of classes. This gives instructors time to test, provide feedback and IT Services can make changes before the term begins. Instructors are expected to test their software before the term is underway.

Software moves

IT Services understand that course sections can be added at the last minute or moved due to increased enrollment. These events are a priority for IT Services and we will make every effort to accommodate our core business of providing lab environments with required software over any late or missing requests.

Please be aware that term start-up activities and classroom bookings may affect the timely deployment/moves of software in the labs. In the event that the lead time is not sufficient to complete the required work, IT Services will notify the school/department for escalation as soon as possible.

In-term lab update cycle

Once the term is underway, accommodating every request as an individual update is not efficient or even possible – one update for each instructor can translate into hundreds of updates – especially tricky once labs are in progress in the lab spaces. Tight lab scheduling and imaging infrastructure restrictions require ITS to collect, coordinate, and process updates in groups.

Timeline for in-term updates (September term example)

  • IT Services will collect changes from instructors within the first week of classes (IE: Sept 7-10)
  • includes first week of part time studies (1 week later) (IE: Sept 13-17)
  • all late changes (day and evening) will be packaged into a single batch update for the lab and deployed for Week 4 Dayschool/Week 3 Evenings. (IE: Sept 18-24)

Opportunities to update labs are limited due to tight lab scheduling and are usually reserved for weekends to avoid severe impacts to an entire lab. It may not be possible to update the software in the labs midweek. If IT Services can accommodate your late request as part of this regular in-term update (updates created in Week 3, deployed by Week 4) no overtime charges will be incurred.

If IT Services can install your late request into our virtual environment as part of our normal workflow (, no overtime charges will be incurred. Installation into the virtual environment is faster and less disruptive to active classes using the labs, and is the preferred method for resolving late software deployments.

Late changes

For late requests required before the fourth week of September in the labs, overtime approval from the department will be required.

Budget approval from the Dean/Associate Dean is still subject to IT Services resource availability and is not a guarantee that the work can be performed. Instructors finding themselves in this situation should contact your supervisor/Associate Dean for approval ASAP.

The protocol for late requests is as follows:

  1. Submit details of course software requirements through a Request to Install Software for Course Delivery in the ITS Techhelp Storefront. This ensures all details are recorded centrally. More information on submitting software requests can be found here: Requesting Software for Course Delivery
  2. Submit a notification of the late request to that the submission has been made. This is required for an alert message that out of band work is pending.

Both steps are required for late changes.
Overtime charges are intended to align the overtime costs to the root cause and encourage departments to provide timely information to the support departments. In the event where late changes and overtime approvals become the norm, a review and escalation with management will be held to determine these changes can be avoided in future.

Extremely late changes

Stability of the lab environment for existing courses is critical to a positive experience in the computer labs. One month after the beginning of term, no further changes will be made to the local lab environments. Late changes should be made only in truly exceptional circumstances.