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Instructors: Requesting Adobe Software Access for Your Class/es

The process for ensuring student access to Adobe Creative Cloud products changed in 2020. Due to the move to remote learning, there are now additional steps to get the same result. If your class requires Adobe Creative Cloud for online delivery use, you will need to submit information to IT Services.

The interim licensing Adobe has provided is a change from previous terms where BCIT labs were used or Adobe provided free software for students. Adobe’s solution requires BCIT issue licensing directly to student accounts and this requires knowing which students need access and manually assigning that access.

This interim solution is required to navigate the sudden transition to online delivery and large volumes of direct student access – this will be in place for the current term and there will be no disruptions while we work to update our licensing arrangements.

Subscriptions for student groups

IT Services has pre-loaded subscriptions for student groups who have previously requested access to Adobe Creative Cloud.
These students can follow the instructions to install and use.

If your class is getting ‘access denied‘ or a ‘7 day trial‘, subscriptions have not been preloaded for your students and you will need to request access using the instructions in the section below. Please Note: Use of credit cards to pay for a trial subscription is discouraged by BCIT at all times.

Submit class information for access

If your students will need access to Adobe software, please request it in advance by sending an email to with a subject of “Adobe – student access“. Your email should include:

  • 5 digit course CRN (IE: 90210)
  • deadline of when access is required.

For emergencies, contact the IT Services hotline at 604-412-7444 Option [4]. You will need to provide the same information as listed above.

How to add access for a small number of students (1-4)

Late registrants may not have subscriptions, but most of the class has the access they need. For a small number of students, send an email to with a subject of “Adobe – student access” and include the {Firstname, Lastname, email address} of the students requiring access.

For example:

  • Betty, Rubble,
  • Barney, Rubble,

Ensuring access for the first class

If your class requires access to Adobe software in the first class, you should confirm with IT Services that access has been provisioned prior to your first class.