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Adding “Program Delivery Mode” Information to Public Website WordPress Programs

Each School and Program area is responsible for updating the delivery method information currently displayed on the Program Overview subpage to reflect the program delivery mode for the next term.

The new standard for displaying the program delivery information uses a “peekaboo” click-to-expand box placed after a short introduction to the program. This allows you to present details of the program delivery without overwhelming the program information.  The following screenshot shows how this should look:

screen capture of the Overview subpage of the Radiation Therapy Program showing a click-to-expand box labelled Delivery mode: blended

There are several steps, both preparatory and practical, that you’ll need to go through in order to create and add the Program Delivery Mode “peekaboo” box to your Program Overview page.

Step one: Determine your program’s delivery mode and choose a delivery messaging option

There are four program delivery modes to choose from: “Blended“, “Online“, “In person“, or “Under review“. Verify the program delivery mode for your Program with your School. Once you’ve done that, we recommend opening up a blank text file into which you can paste the HTML template for the appropriate option, then modify it as needed using the standardized additional options found in Step two below. Once you’ve finished crafting your program delivery mode “peekaboo” HTML in your text file, you can copy and paste it into WordPress, as described in Step five below.

Important: The example text for each of the following options is provided in a human-readable form, followed by the HTML template to use when adding it to the page to help you choose an option. Only copy and paste the HTML template version and make sure you copy the entire template from top to bottom.

Step two: Customize the content

In some cases, it may be necessary to add customized additional messaging, depending on your program. Below are standardized messaging additions you could add where appropriate, in both human-readable and HTML template form. Copy and paste the HTML template form from the examples provided below, as appropriate, into the text file you’re working in.

Step three: Select the program intro marketing text

As mentioned above, your Program Overview subpage content should start with a short (approximately three-line) introductory paragraph for each program. This introductory paragraph will precedes the program delivery mode content you’ve crafted. It helps prospective students understand what the program is about, and, importantly, helps with search engine optimization of the page. Placing the alert box below this introduction ensures search engines prioritize the content in the intro paragraph rather than the delivery mode information.

The content you’ll want to use may already exist on the Program Overview subpage, in which case you just need to identify it and ensure that (if necessary) moving it from wherever it is currently won’t interrupt the flow of the rest of the content around it. If there’s no existing content appropriate to use as an introduction, you’ll need to write it.

Having logged into WordPress:

  1. Navigate to the Program you are updating.
  2. Create a revision of the Program.
  3. Look for a good, short (three-line) paragraph in your existing content to use as the introductory text.

Step four: Remove the old delivery mode messaging and/or Learning during COVID-19 extra subpage (if applicable)

Continuing in your Program revision in WordPress:

  1. Locate any existing program delivery mode messaging and/or Learning During COVID-19 subpage. Check that you have incorporated any existing program-specific messaging into the messaging for your new peekaboo box and if not, make any necessary changes to your working text file.
  2. (If applicable) Remove any existing program delivery messaging from the Overview subpage.
  3. (If applicable) Remove the extra subpage for “Learning during COVID-19” which may have been added last year:
    1. Hover your mouse over the extra subpage you want to remove.
    2. Click on the small remove icon that appeared on the right-hand side of the extra subpage.
    3. Click the Remove Row link to confirm that you want to remove it.
      animated recording of clicking the Remove icon to remove an extra subpage

Please note: The central COVID-19 Information site remains a good place to link to for general information about BCIT’s response to COVID-19.

Step five: Add your finalized program delivery mode “peekaboo” box to the Overview subpage

Continuing in your Program revision in WordPress:

  1. Navigate to the Overview subpage editor.
    Red arrow pointing to the Overview tab
  2. Click the Text tab at the top-right of the editor to switch to viewing the HTML.
    Red arrow pointing to Text tab at top right of editor
  3. Copy the finalized HTML from your working text file and paste it at the very top of the content.
  4. Click the Visual tab at the top right of the editor to switch back to the usual editor view. You should see the intro paragraph followed by the “Program delivery mode: …” line.
    • Note: The special formatting won’t be immediately visible in the editor. This is normal.
  5. Scroll up to the Publish sidebar and click the Preview button to view your changes.
    • Important: Because implementing this code is tricky, be sure to carefully review it before submitting it to your Publisher or (if you are a Publisher) publishing it. The correct implementation of this code should result in a peekaboo box that looks like this when you first arrive at the page:
      screen capture of the Overview subpage of the Radiation Therapy Program showing a click-to-expand box labelled Delivery mode: blended
      And like this when expanded:screen capture of the Overview subpage of the Radiation Therapy Program showing expanded Delivery mode: blended box, showing more content
  6. When you are satisfied with the appearance and functionality of your added content, click the Submit for Review button in the Publish sidebar.

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